Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elder Sawyer...

We are so excited to let everyone know that Elder Sawyer is back on his mission. We are so proud of Jake and want to thank everyone for their encouragement, kind words and prayers on his behalf. Elder Sawyer is serving in Soda Springs, Idaho while waitng for reassignment. As soon as he is reassigned we will post it here. We will also post some of his experiences he is having while serving in Idaho.
"We have been teaching a ton, Friday we had a baptism of a family of three they are so amazing, (McKinley Family). It's been great to visit with them and get to know them! Also we had a lesson with another family (Noah, Carrie, Larry and Barry) it's very different from Ogden, everybody and I mean everybody up here has 2 or even 3 jobs. The principle of the Elementary is also the shoe lady at the bowling alley and also the checker at the store! Things are very tight for people up here. Noah and his family are planning on getting baptized on Halloween and we have a lot more investigators. My favorite is Cami and Mike Thompson, they have 2 daughters, Reagan 9 and I forget the other ones name but she is thirteen. Cami is a less active member and Mike is a Jehovah's Witness. The first night we met they had us come right in and they fed us. They are an Awesome family!!! This past weekend was Stake Conference, Elder Garff came with his wife, they gave amazing messages on building family and marriage strength! I Loved it! Tell everyone else I say Hi and I love you all!!"

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