Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shotgun Experience...

Well last night we were talking to a non-member about the after life, because he wanted to know what happened. We told him everything we knew, he said "wait here, I'll be right back. So when he came back he held a shotgun to our faces and said, "So do you really believe all of that?" It was weird because as calmly as ever we just said, "Yes." So after that he said, "if you really want to meet your maker I can make that happen, if you don't get off my property now!! So we RAN!!! Gotta love the hunters. Everybody up here has a gun on their hip so its quite normal to have someone answer the door with a gun!

We do have 3 baptisms this week! Noah and Carrie (mother and son), also another kid named Tyler. They are going to be baptized on Saturday. That will be really sweet! Love to everyone.

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