Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Great Week!!!

This past week we went to a newly organized singles branch out here, man I loved it! We have been teaching a lot and trying to come up with some new lessons. We made a new lesson about Satan. We used old ties and tied kids up to a chair and taught them how Satan binds us and we can not move, it is a really fun lesson.
As far as Jason, no he is not getting baptized this week. We have to push it back because he says it still is too fast. It was a little disappointing at first, but then I remembered this is Heavenly Father's work and it will go forward, so with that being said we have 2 other baptisms this week! We are very excited!!! There is a 9 year old boy named Derek Pyper, he is an awesome kid who is very excited about getting baptized. Then there is a 14 year old boy named Ryan Garcia. I love teaching him because we can relate the experiences Joseph Smith had at his age and he really embraces it!!! I will definitely send pictures!
Brad asked Jake, "Why do you think we read over and over again in the Book of Mormon to remember how merciful God has been to the children of men?" This is what Jake said, "I think in order to remember how Heavenly Father has been so merciful we need to be able to see it in others lives so that we will then in turn be able to see it in our own lives. I really have learned that Heavenly Father doesn't give just one person an experience he gives it to everybody, it just depends on who wants to learn from it. I agree with "we have to choose to live in Zion." In the movie The Work and The Glory, Mama Steed says that her Zion is with her family, living the Gospel, that truly is the Zion we all are looking for. It's up to us to make that Zion."
I hope that makes some sense.
Well I have to go for this week. I can't wait to hear from you again, I look forward to this every
week!!! It helps give me a boost of energy!!!

E Sawyer

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  1. That is a great letter! It's a bit of a bummer about Jason though, but like he said its His work and it will happen when it's suppose to happen. I'm glad he's doing well :)