Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Sick Elder

Jake had a very tough week last week. He was taken to the hospital last Monday after he fainted in his home. He had a fever of 104 and was very sick! The doctors still aren't sure exactly what he has other than a viral infection that has affected his liver. They are also treating him for the Swine Flu. The test that we are waiting for now is to see if he has also contracted the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I just couldn't believe it when the Dr. told me that, the test results for that won't be back for about a week. So Jake is being released tomorrow with a lot of antibotics and has to take it very easy for a few days. He certainly was one very sick kid. We feel very blessed that he has gotten better so quickly. Thank you everyone for your many thoughts and prayers on his behalf.
The District: Elder Ozorio (Jake's Comp.) is is giving him a big hug! Elder Bland (Jake's first Comp,) Elder Callison ZL, Elder Merrill ZL, Elder Shields, Elder Kafoa, and Elder ?
...sorry I forgot his name.
Jake's Comp Elder Ozorio, The Zone Leaders...Elder Callison,
Elder Merrill and of course Elder Sawyer.

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  1. Seriously....! That kid needs to be left alone and let him do his fun pictures!