Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A New Area

Well I got transferred last week, and yes I am in Grandma and Grandpa's stake. So it is legal to see them! hahaha I just can't see them a lot because I need to stay focused. Also Pres. Smith (from Bonneville Seminary) is one of the Stake Presidents.
As far as being this close to home, it's not hard...for the most part...I just joke with people that I don't have to ask my parents how the weather is, because I'm in it too! This past week has been long, but very good. I have learned so much. I have come to realize that I cannot lean on others like I used too. I need to gain my own standing in the church and I need to do it for myself. The people here are great. I always thought you had to go far to meet investigators of the
church, but I realized that they are in our backyard.
My comp is Elder Ozorio from Brazil, and he goes home in 32 days. He is a great comp, I really do love him, we do have a car it's a old Sebring. Elder Ozorio can't drive he doesn't have a drivers license, so I get to do all the driving. Woot Woot!
We just baptized 2 people last week. Jorge and Matt, they are both older guys that truly have a deep testimony for themselves. We have a ton of gators, but a few with dates are: Alicia, her father Derek, and a boy named Dax. So far everything is great with them! We have more I just can't remember their names. We also have a ton of potential! I can't wait to meet these people and start to give them the knowledge they are looking for!
P.S. I saw Grandpa in the temple this morning!! HaHa :)
I love you all!!
Elder Sawyer


  1. So funny that he saw grandpa in the temple! I ran into the Newman's yesterday at Maddox and Gary said "Hey, I heard Jake is now serving in our area. We hope we get a chance to see him. Everyone has seen him but us!" Jake sounds just great!

  2. Well, I guess that would be my stake, too! I live in West Haven, about 2 minutes from your grandparents. :o)